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Negative numbers today, Year 4 - let's recap.

What are negative numbers? They're numbers that are below 0. Sounds a bit crazy, but think of 0 being like the surface of the sea. The minus number is how deep you are beneath the sea; if you go only 1 down from the surface you're at -1. If you go 200 down, you'd be at -200. 

So even though you might think -200 would be 'bigger' than -1, it's actually the other way round. -1 is a lot closer to the surface than being -200 down!  


Have a look at Day 10 - Positive and Negative Integers (integer just means whole number). You have to order the numbers from smallest to largest. With these, the biggest is obvious, but think which is smallest - deepest beneath the 'surface' of 0! Is it -1 or -3?


We've also got some number line work with Day 10 - Negative number lines. This question asked me to add 3 to -5. A lot of people might have said -8, because 5+3 is 8, but you'd be counting the wrong way. -8 is smaller than -5, but if we're adding the number has to get bigger. See how I've done it on my number line: