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Going back to our good old friend, Mr. Decimal Point today for a bit of practice with decimals and number lines. Log onto Purple Mash and find Day 8 - Decimals on a number line, and you'll find an activity that looks almost exactly like this:

Each of the little notches is counting up in a tenth - the place value after the decimal point. For this one, it's 2 notches above 23.5, so we need to add 2 tenths to it - remember that value after the decimal point. 5+2=7, so the answer is 23.7

If we'd have counted up 5 tenths the answer would be 24.0, or just 24, because 10 tenths make a unit - don't make the mistake of counting from 0.9 to 0.10 ! 0.9 add a tenth is 1.0, not 0.10. If you crack it and fancy a challenge look up Day 8 - Challenge - decimal problem solving!