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It’s finally the moment we’ve all been waiting for, writing the conclusion to our debate text and summing up your opinion and which of the two sides you’re picking.

It’s important to consider the points you’ve brought up in the main paragraphs – if you’re on the ‘for’ side, you need to say why you think the ‘against’ side has it wrong, and if on the ‘against’, why the ‘for’ side is mistaken. Any extra facts or evidence you can include for the side you’ve picked will go into the conclusion too. Oh, and don’t forget those sentence starters!

Mine was about trophy hunting, so my conclusion might be something like;


In conclusion, having considered both sides and the evidence for and against trophy hunting, I have decided that it is not in the interests of communities or wildlife to encourage this practice. Although proponents claim that placing a high cash value on shooting animals encourages conservation, in contrast a 2017 study found that a live elephant over its lifetime brings in $1.6 million from photographic tourism, far more than a hunter would pay to shoot it. In addition, the idea that we should be killing animals for the fun of it can be called inherently cruel and inhumane. In my opinion, conservation efforts should not be stemming from a joy of killing animals to take trophies from them, but a love of seeing them alive and living naturally in their habitats.