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Yesterday we had a look at different topics to base a debate on – hopefully you’ve have had a think about which question appeals to you and what topic you think you’ll be able to get a good for and against, whilst taking a balanced view – don’t pick one where you’ll have real trouble thinking of the other side!

Here’ the plan we’re going to follow through the rest of the week;

Discussion text structure

New text














As you can see, it starts with the introduction. What does a good debate text introduction contain?

  • What is the topic you’re talking about? The reader might not know much about the topic, so make sure you tell them what the debate is on.
  • Why does it matter and to who? To encourage your reader to read on, tell them why this debate is important, who cares about it – the for and against side.
  • A fact or two on the background of your topic will help convince the reader that you know what you’re talking about – try and include dates and numbers or places if you can.
  • A brief summary of the best point for and against. These can only be a sentence or so, you’ll go into detail in the paragraphs later.
  • Conjunctions and sentence starters that we looked at last week!


So, if I picked trophy hunting as my topic, my introduction might look a little something like this:


Trophy hunting, the killing of a pre-selected animal where part of the animal like the horns or the fur are taken and displayed, is an increasingly controversial issue which has provoked strong opinions about its impact on wildlife. In 2015, a lion called Cecil was shot in Zimbabwe after the hunter paid $50,000, bringing widespread attention to this issue and ‘hunting reservations’ in South Africa cover over 16 million hectares. Conservationists and nature lovers argue that this is a barbaric practice which leads to animals suffering needlessly. On the other hand, hunters and landowners in Africa say that the money paid by these hunters can be used for conserving the animals. Which side has it right?


Now it’s your turn! Can you write an introduction like the one above about your chosen subject?