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Time to start our folktale introduction. What do story introductions need? If you said setting and character, you're spot on. If you said descriptions, also spot on. 


How can we tick both these boxes? With a fronted adverbial, of course! We're going to focus on ones for where - parts of the sentence that tell the reader where something happened. I might start mine...


In a cosy cottage next to a babbling brook, a small clever mouse named Maurice lived happily. Up a nearby tree in an enormous nest, there lived his rival, an enormous eagle called Edmund. Around the forest, everyone knew Maurice was the fastest mouse in the land. In the high tree tops, the rest of the eagles gossiped that Edmund was far too greedy for his own good and would end up in big trouble if he didn't change his ways...


So, that introductory paragraph is all about telling your readers about the characters and what they should know about them before the story even begins - where they live and what their surroundings look like (I've used adverbials for this), what they look like and their names, and what their personalities are like. You don't need to go any further than that - don't get to the tricks yet! Make sure you use WordHippo to help you describe your characters so you don't end up with boring adjectives.