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This is always a fun part of our folk tale topic, and I'll explain why by means of a video.


Looney Tunes Classic | Boomerang

Watch the Road Runner outsmart Wile E. Coyote in this clip.

Yes, I did mean to link you to the Road Runner and Coyote cartoon - it's got the exact same themes and plot structure as a classic folk tale like the ones we've been looking at. Two characters who are enemies - like Brer Fox and Rabbit. In nature, a fox is a predator to a rabbit, but in the folk tale it's the prey animal who is the clever one - just like Coyote and Road Runner. It has things going wrong for the greedy character and the prey animal outsmarting them every time.


 Here's our plot pattern grid which we're going to use to plan our own story;

Plot pattern idea

New tale 

Two characters e.g. Tom and Jerry or Road Runner and Coyote.


One character tries to trick the other character.


They fail.


Character tries to trick them again.


They fail.


Character tries to trick them one more time.


They fail.


Other character triumphs with a trick that works.


Other character has the last laugh.




So, first we need to think of two animals that normally don't like each other, it could be a dog and cat, cat and mouse, lion and gazelle, anything like that. The bigger animal wants to trick the other character - like Brer Fox or Coyote, maybe he wants to kidnap and eat them!


The greedy character has to fail in their schemes - either through their own stupidity or your hero character outsmarting them. Lastly, the tables turn, and the hero character finally outsmarts the greedy character and has the last laugh, like how Brer Rabbit tricked Brer Fox into taking a sack of hornets into his house. One word of caution - don't have any of your characters tricks be fatal, as that's not a folk tale, there are many folk tales with the same characters which wouldn't work if they were dead.


You can really be as imaginative as you want with this one - just remember the folk tale themes!