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Here's something a bit different for us - Brer Rabbit: The Video Game. Log onto PurpleMash where you'll find Day 46 - Brer Rabbit: The Video Game! This uses 2DIY3D, which is a bit of a mouthful but lets you create your own custom levels for video games. Like a lot of video games, you need a baddie - those are the red things. I'm going to drag one onto my level. 



But I don't want him to look like a red...thing, so I've clicked on the little pencil to edit the baddie. Then I've clicked on clipart, animals, to find a fox because I want us to outsmart Brer Fox! If you're a good drawer, you can draw it yourself. You can also set the movement to go left and right, back and forth, random or even hunt the player! I selected random.


Next I painted the level - I'm basing mine on the White Plums story in the forest, so I painted grass and put a bunch of trees around. The coins are what the player has to get - I made mine a badly drawn white plum.


This is what my game looks can see the white plum and Brer Fox in the background.


That didn't take me very long and I'm sure you can do better. All you need to do is remember to base the game on any of the Brer Rabbit Folk tales we've done - or you could look up your own Brer Rabbit tale as there's an awful lot! Good luck, video game developers and don't be afraid to experiment with your level.