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Carrying on with our folk tale topic this week we've got another Brer Rabbit tale, not from Enid Blyton but another traditional tale that's been retold by another author. 


Here's your challenge - we need to read through the text and pick up on the clues for the characters actions and emotions, because we're going to be doing some acting. Pick either of the characters and any part of the story to do a 'freeze frame' of. So, of you picked the part where Brer Rabbit runs off at the end with Brer Fox's things, if you were Brer Rabbit you might act out running with a big smile on your face that you've tricked Brer Fox again;


If you acted out Brer Fox coming across a 'dead' rabbit, if you were Brer Fox you might act surprised and a bit confused;


So, pick any part, act out what you think the character would look like and send me the picture of the scene! Don't forget to tell me which part of the story you're acting out and which character you are.