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We're carrying on our folk tale work with predictions - thinking about what might happen next. Here's the start of another folk tale with Brer Rabbit.


So, Brer Rabbit has a problem, but he doesn't work hard, he works smart. A lot of folk tales are based around the idea of brains tricking brawn, characters tricking each other. How do you think Brer Terrapin will help Brer Rabbit with his pond problem? How might he trick Brer Fox and Brer Wolf? Remember folk tales have talking animals, so they can understand each other - but terrapins and rabbits are much smaller than foxes and wolves, so they'll have to use their cunning rather than try and force the other characters to help.


If you like you can write your prediction as a comic strip - or a story boards, or if you like you can write down what you think might happen next. How will the problem get solved?