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Today we're going to be starting a new literacy topic on folk tales. Folk tales, much like fables or parables that we looked at in RE, are stories that have been around for many years and are often passed on by word of mouth before they are written down. They usually have animals in them behaving like humans and tell a lesson, like not to be too gullible or to avoid telling lies.


The ones we're going to use are the Brer Rabbit tales as retold by Enid Blyton. If like me you're wondering why the word 'brer' is in the story a million times, it's short for brother. Anyway, here's the story of Brer Rabbit and the White Plums;


(Use this link to Google Books if you can't see the pictures: )

So, there's only two characters - Brer Rabbit and Brer Fox. Are they friends? Rivals? Enemies? What questions could you ask the characters? Can you think of 3 questions and answers to ask each? For example, I might ask Brer Rabbit;

Q: "Why were you licking your lips?"
A: "To trick Brer Fox that I had just eaten something tasty - because I know how greedy he is!"


Here are some other question starters that you could use:

  • "What did you think about... ?"
  • "How did you feel when... ?"
  • "Why did you decide to... ?"
  • "What are you going to do about...?"