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In literacy today we're going to look at how adverbs can bring detail to a verb and how to write "double ly" sentences. Take a look at this clip below to see how even the most boring and basic of sentences can be livened up with a pair of adverbs:


Double ly ending Sentences

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So, what I want you to do is come up with 5 double -ly sentences about this clip, which has loads of verbs that the crafy animals are doing - from orangutans sawing to Hank the Heron's fishing tactics. Start of with the most basic of sentences, like the clip above - just a verb (an action word). Then think about what which adverbs you could add to make that sentence more interesting. Good luck, and I've included a list of adverbs that might be helpful for you at the bottom.

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Here's a list of examples to help you if you get stuck.