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We're going to end our week of poems with the most fun type of poem of all, limericks! You remember when we looked at the AABB or ABAB rhyme scheme, putting words the rhyme at the end of rhymes? Limericks have 5 lines and the rhyme scheme AABBA. 


Have a watch of this BBC Bitesize video for more on the rhyme and rhythm of a limerick;


So for example, a limerick about Guy Fawkes;

There was a famous English man,

Who came up with a dastardly plan,

It was November,

You must remember,

Caught red handed he couldn't have ran.


See how the 3rd and 4th line are a lot shorter? We're going to write a limerick about a person who has advanced our understanding of animals. You can choose Sir Charles Darwin who worked to find out why there are so many different types of animal (find out more about him here, Sir David Attenborough who has worked for decades educating people about the natural world (find out more here, or Dame Jane Goodall whose ground breaking work with primates told us more about their behaviour in the wild than ever before (find out more here