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These texts are called non-chronological reports; that means they are a non-fiction text and they aren't in time order. How is it different to a fiction story, like Gulliver's Travels? What features of this text type can we spot? Here's a list; I'll see if I can spot a few for you...

Clear title - e.g. Crocodiles and Alligators tells you it's about only these animals.

An introduction paragraphthis gives a bit of general information about what it's about - e.g. for crocodiles and alligators, it tells us that they are reptiles, meat eaters and that there are many different types.

Subheadings - these are underlined and tell the reader what the next paragraph is about - e.g. How fast are alligators?

Technical language - these are words do to with the topic of the report that readers might not know. E.g. carnivores (meat eating animal).

Pictures and captions - a caption is a text box underneath a picture that tells us what the picture is about. E.g. crocodile grazing in the sun.


Log into purple mash and find on the 2dos Day 1 Report features. You don't have to explain the features, the part I put in italics, but how many examples of them can you find in the other reports?