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Good morning Year 4, it's time to get started with our new topic - hunter or hunted? We're going to be spending a week on different types of poem. To start off with, although not all poems rhyme we're going to be exploring a rhyme scheme for a poem on a theme, you know what I mean? Have a look at this BBC Bitesize clip to see what we mean by 'AABB' and 'ABAB' rhyme schemes:


We're going to be writing our poem on the dramatic escape of this iguana from being hunted by snakes - don't worry, no animal gets hurt in the clip.


What we need is some exciting verbs to base our lines around, and then we can end the line with words that rhyme to establish a rhyme scheme, using this website to help us;


So, what verbs could we start off with? Maybe watching, waiting, slithering, flicking...

Mine might start off...


In the island sun the snakes watch with beady eyes,

An innocent iguana might meet an untimely demise...


There I've used the AABB rhyme scheme, but you can use ABAB if you like. Let's see what poem you can compose about the iguana's heroic effort to outrun his pursuers!  


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