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It's decision time, Year 4 - we're going to write our own information texts, and I'll give you the choice of topic what to do it about. You can either pick the River Nile - something you'll know lots about - or the village of Mousehole, which again you should know plenty about. What should your information text contain? Here's a checklist on what you should be including: 

Written a title.

Included an introduction.

Separated my work into paragraphs.

Included sub-headings.

Written in present tense and third person.

Included technical vocabulary in my writing.

Included pictures and captions.

Included a range of facts.

Punctuated sentences accurately.

Expanded paragraphs with detail.

Written a short conclusion.


You can word process your information text, or write it down and send me a snap of your work. If you think you've finished, have a look at the check list - have you included it?