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Here's a riddle for you - what's the purpose of an information text? If you answered 'to give a reader information', you've solved the world's hardest riddle. One of the most important parts of this job is keeping related information all grouped together, even if it's about one overall topic. We're going to have a practice in mind-mapping what we know, or what we can find out, about Mousehole. 


Here's my example - it doesn't have to look exactly like this, you might even think of other categories like "Life In Mousehole" or "Art" or "Hotels" or any of the other things I forgot. As you can see, where it says 'traditions', I've linked two bits of information I know about Mousehole. So they're both facts about Mousehole, but more specifically they're about traditions in Mousehole - this is how an information text works, making sure information that is related goes together. Have a go at creating your own mind map for different categories - don't be afraid to come up with some yourself!