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Good morning Year 4, and welcome to Call My Bluff. Call My Bluff used to be a TV gameshow where you'd have to try and trick people with the meaning of an obscure word - so that's what we're going to do with words plucked from information texts about, you guessed it, Mousehole. I'm going to provide you a few information links like we did last time - what I want you to do is pick words to try and trick people to picking the wrong meaning! Here's an example of a question you might do.


I'm going to use this link showing information about Mousehole;

Mr Davies' example!:


1) The sentence is "It was sacked by the Spaniards in July 1595 when the entire village, apart from one house, was burnt to the ground."

Does the word sacked in this sentence mean - 

a) It was packed up in a sack-like material.

b) Robbed and destroyed.

c) Fired from its job.


(the right answer is b!)


2) The sentence is "Just offshore from the harbour is St Clement’s Isle, a small cluster of rocks where an ancient hermit was said to have lived."

Does the word hermit in this sentence mean;

a) Someone who lives alone and apart from everyone else.

b) A type of crab.

c) A lady's gloves.


(the right answer is a!)


See how I've tried to trick you by picking words that could have more than one meaning, but only one that makes sense in that sentence? I look forward to yours! See if you can manage 4 questions, although if you want to do more then be my guest! Here are some more information websites you could find your sentences from: