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So, when we left our heroes they were heading out to save the setting (mine was a village in the desert, yours might be different). What we're going to do today is finish off our story from our plan - we need to write about how your characters save the setting, and what happens at the very end.


Humphrey and Mo head into the sandstorm (artist's depiction).


We're also going to be using fronted adverbials. We've done these lots and lots of these in class, but if you need some help, they go at the front of a sentence and tell the reader where or when a verb happens. They always have commas after them and they look a little something like...


So, how could we use fronted adverbials in our thrilling conclusion? Let's have a think...


Not long after they left the village, Humphrey and Mo ran into the scales of the fierce Sandstorm Snake. Over their heads, the sand lashed and blew in circles as they trudged onwards. Humphrey was not afraid, but was so grumpy after no having his favourite meal for so long that he pulled all sort of annoyed faces and made such loud grumpy moans that the whole desert heard.


All of a sudden, the Sandstorm Snake drew back. Ever since it could remember, people had been scared of him. Now, he was faced with the grumpiest camel he had ever met and did not know what to do. As they trudged on, the Sandstorm Snake realised there would be no scaring Humphrey and Mo away and the sands blew less and less.

On the edge of the oasis, people had come to see the commotion. Immediately, Mo explained that his village desperately needed supplies, and the villagers of the oasis were amazed to hear that the Sandstorm Snake had finally been scared away. They loaded Humphrey's saddle with all the coconuts, oats and oranges he could carry and all set off back to Humphreyville.

When they arrived home, the villagers cheered for their return. Before long, Mo reopened his coconut shy and the entire village celebrated with coconut macaroons and fresh orange juice. In his stable, Humphrey happily munched his porridge after Mo had rewarded him with a handsome hat and colourful robes. To this day, the legend of Humphrey the Grumpy Camel is told across the desert trails from one oasis to the next...