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It's time to start our own story based on The Mousehole Cat, now that we've planned out the plot. We're just going to focus on the introduction and parts of the build up - we want our setting, our main character and our support character - and we want to use expanded noun phrases to describe all of them! If you've forgotten what they are, have a look at this video below for a super quick guide;

Expanded noun phrases

How to build some extra detail into things you're writing about.

So, what do we actually have to write? Well, let's go back to our plan. My setting (yours might be different - I hope it is!) was a desert village, my main character was Humphrey the Grumpy Camel and my supporting character is Mr Mo his owner and coconut shy owner.


How can we describe them, paint a picture in the mind of the reader? Use your senses! The most important sense we have is sight, but we also have hearing, smell, taste and touch. So how could we describe a desert village?


Many years ago, in the middle of the dusty Sahara Desert, stood a village called Humphreyville. 


Ok...what else?


The blazing sun beat down on the sandy streets, where long thin cart tracks lead past the straw-roofed, round houses.


More senses!


The smell of freshly roasted coconuts wafted through the air, as the villagers ate under the cool shade of the tall, spikey tree to shelter themselves from the warm, gusty winds which blew in across the desert.


Can you see the describing words? Now, what about our character? Let's remember the senses.



All day long, Humphrey the Grumpy Camel loudly chewed at his favourite meal of spicy, steaming coconut porridge with bright orange zest grated on top. Most of the villagers avoided him as his old, damp leather saddle smelt like mouldy, rancid coconuts.


More describing words bolted onto those nouns! Don't be afraid to look up some pictures of a setting or animal for inspiration.