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Up above is what's called a 'question matrix'. I know what you're thinking and don't panic - you don't have to fill in all those gaps.


We're going to use it to help us make some of our own comprehension questions to test someone's understanding of The Mousehole Cat.


Along the side, you've got the words your question will start with. Up at the top, the next word in your question. So right at the top left we've got 


"What is..."


"What does..."


These are easier type questions to answer. If I made one up about The Mousehole Cat using these two words to start, I might say...

Q: What does Old Tom decide to do to save the village?

A: Go out on his own fishing boat to face the Great Storm Cat.


You can make harder questions, though, with the different combinations. For example, the bottom right, "How might..." is a harder one to answer, and come up with a question for...I might put;

Q: How might Mowser and Old Tom feel about how they've been remembered in the village?

A: Old Tom would be honoured but humble about being thought of as a hero, Mowser would probably not be bothered unless she gets some fish or a tickle behind her ear.


I want you to come up with 5 questions - you can choose the difficulty - and answers to test someone's reading comprehension about the Mousehole Cat.


If you've not got access to the story yet, please email me for the key extract you'll need!