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Today for our literacy we're going to look at breaking down the plot structure of The Mousehole Cat using a story mountain, so that we can get an idea of how the plot is set out to have a go at writing our own tale based on The Mousehole Cat.

What we need you to do is separate the different parts of the Mousehole Cat story into the different boxes of the story mountain. We've done something very similar with Gulliver's Travels where we 'chunked' the plot into these different sections, if you can cast your minds back that far.


To jog your memory - the introduction introduces us to the characters and what they are like, what they do in their time and tries to make the reader care about them.

The build-up is where the pace, or 'speed' of the plot starts to develop and a problem looms its head.

The dilemma is the moment the characters need to act because the problem has become too big to ignore.

The resolution is when the characters come up with a plan and action to solve the problem once and for all.

The ending is what state the characters and setting are in as you finish the story.


There's also a box for the moral of the story - do you think it teaches a lesson? As well as useful vocabulary the story uses and you might like to magpie. You can print off the PDF or if you like you can draw the story mountain and send me a picture.