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We need to have a readthrough of The Mousehole Cat if we're going to complete work based on it! I know some of you already have the book at home and ordinarily we'd read it together in school, but these times aren't exactly ordinary so here's the story read by a nice American lady, though if you want to you can mute it and read the pages yourself. If the video below doesn't play for you for, send me an email and we'll put up some key extracts to work with instead.  

The Mousehole Cat read by Maisie's Grammie during the Pandemic.

This is a child's story written and illistrated by Antonia Barber and Nicola Bayley and published by Walker Books, London.

We're going to have a go at writing Old Tom's diary entry for the events from The Mousehole Cat, up until he decides to (spoiler alert) risk his life by taking his boat out to save the village. What should a diary entry include? Have a look at the checklist below and think carefully about which events Old Tom would include in his diary and what emotions he would write about each. Don't forget, you're writing as if you are Old Tom, so use the first person I, me, my. Good luck!