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Today's literacy is going to be part test of your memory and part test of your poetry skills. Are you a poet and do you know it? We'll find out!


First, you'll need to log on to PurpleMash and find Day 15 - Spellings From Year 4. This is a random test of the words we've done in our spellings in this year so far. Don't panic! You'll get to read the word first and a selection of letters to help you - you drag the letter tiles to the top. These are all spellings we've done before, so I'm expecting a good score - keep practising and I know you'll get 10 out of 10!


Second - do you remember when we looked at dilemma stories, and performed poems with dilemmas in, like Please Mrs Butler? Check out BBC Bitesize here:

You've got to summarise a poem, review a poem and last but not least expand a poem! Good luck!