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The Mousehole Cat is very well known for its illustrations by Nicola Bayley (it even won an award for it!) and it's those illustrations we're going to be focusing on today.

You don't need to know the story just yet - though the black and white cat is called Mowser and her owner is Old Tom, the man with the white beard.

What I need you to do is use adverbs to describe the scenes below from a character's point of view.

Sounds complicated? Let's break it down. First, let's recap what adverbs are and how they are used - take a look a this BBC bitesize clip and activities;


Next, let's think about what picture and person (or cat!) we could choose...

I'm going to pick the one where poor Mowser gets her tail stepped on. Even though this one is one picture, we can pick any character - I'm going to pick Mowser and the person who steps on her to show you how different characters views work.


Mowser might write;

While I was saying hello to a ginger cat, a human clumsily and painfully stood on my tail!


So I've got where or when it is, and I've got what that character would think using adverbs.


The person who stepped on her might write;

Next to the sacks of vegetables, a cat loudly screamed when I accidentally stood on her tail.


So a different character, a different viewpoint - I've still got where (or when!) it is and 2 adverbs (loudly and accidentally).

See how it works? Give it a go and email me your adverb sentences!