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Time to kick off our new English topic with a bit of revision - on expanded noun phrases. Have a look at the BBC bitesize website and watch the clip. There's an activity to test if you've been watching carefully!:


Once you've done that, I want some examples for our working wall for us to magpie for our own stories later. I know what you're thinking - our working wall is in the classroom and unless you have a high-powered x-ray telescope you won't be able to see it. Have no fear - I'll put it on our online working wall for all to see! The setting of the Mousehole Cat is down in Cornwall which is a beautiful part of our country, and once lockdown lifts will again be very popular with visitors. All I want from you is expanded noun phrases to describe part of any of these settings.

For example, if I were to use an expanded noun phrase on the picture of the pyramids I put for my welcome message I might write: The ancient, vast pyramids loomed over the sprawling, crowded city of Cairo.

The red is adjectives, describing words, and the purple the noun, naming words. See how it works? Now you! Email me your noun phrases about any part of these pictures: