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Just to finish off our remote learning for literacy this week we're going to do some sentence and word level work with adjectives, nouns, adverbs and verbs.


Let's recap what those are - I like to think of adjectives and noun as a pair of best friends and adverbs and verbs as another pair of good friends, you'll hopefully see what I mean;

A noun is a naming word, of a person, place, thing, event, substance, or quality.

So, table would be a noun. An adjective pairs with the noun to describe it, e.g. Solid table.


Verbs are action words - the one a lot of people think of first is usually 'running'. An adverb pairs with it it to add more detail, e.g. running quickly - another adverb people think of easily.


So in the sentence; The enormous dog barked loudly. You have adjective noun verb adverb.

Log onto PurpleMash and find Day 10 - Word Combos.


 You'll see a long list of words - at the top it's asking me here for a verb and an adverb, so I might pick roars for my verb and loudly for my adverb. Make sure they go together, because the next challenge is to make a sentence out of your combos! 

Good luck!