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Learning for Tuesday 17th January

Tuesday 17th January


Good morning Year 2!  I thought we had finished with learning remotely but it seems not!  Today school has had to close as we have to fix the gas pipes and so we have no heating or hot water.

Here is your learning for you to complete from home today - 


Maths - 

On Monday you were learning to compare amounts of money and today you will begin to calculate with money.  I would like you to watch this and then complete the activities which go with it - How to work out a value with coins - BBC Bitesize

Then, using coins you have at home, draw around different coins to make these amounts.

50p, 60p, 8p, 75p, 82p, 34p.  How many different ways can you make each amount?  Bring your combination drawings into school with you on Wednesday.


Literacy - Log on to Oxford Owl and find the correct colour band which you are completing in school.  Choose a book and read it and then complete the quiz.  When you have done this, write your own version of the story.  Mrs Breen's group can a grey level book and write their own version.  Remember to proof read your work and use punctuation.


Topic - 


I would like you to design your own moon buggy.  Make sure you label the parts of the buggy and write a paragraph to explain what is amazing about your design.  I am looking for the most exciting designs!


Geography - 


Look at the following videos - Physical Geography - The Equator - Year 1 / P2 Geography Collection - Home Learning with BBC Bitesize - BBC Bitesize


I would like you to research three different countries, one in the northern hemisphere, one in the southern hemisphere and one close to the equator.  Are there any similarities and differences?


I look forward to seeing you all back in school soon.