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Lancashire League Heritage Project

Throughout the Autumn term, Year 5 have been working alongside the Lancashire League Heritage Project. We have been learning about the history of the local area and links with the formation of Bacup Cricket Club during the Victorian era. Alongside historical work, we have been learning about important values throughout sport and life. We have been looking at sportsmanship, respect, teamwork and many other values. In addition to this, we have been developing our computing and presenting skills. 

David Ormerod, a former Bacup Cricket Club player who retired recently,  was invited to Northern so that we could interview him. Prior to his visit, we researched his career and looked at his statistics. We then worked on preparing some open and closed questions with which to form an interview. Following our research, we interviewed him in detail. This enabled us to find out lots of extra information. He told us lots of interesting stories! 

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