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School opening during the coronavirus pandemic

At the start of this academic year it was so lovely to have the school once again echoing with children's voices, laughter and smiley faces. Now that we are back in a period of school closure I am sorely missing this and I can not wait until Northern is able to welcome all of the children back in to school.


I am so proud of the Northern staff who continue to go above and beyond to nurture our Northern super stars in the usual Northern way whether they are learning at home or in school. Obviously there is so much that has changed since the children started back at school but the staff continue to strive to keep the children's learning environment and expectations the same whilst in the background ensuring all aspects of the risk assessment are met for children in school and at home.


As a parent you will always be directly informed by myself if there is a positive case within your child's bubble and supported with what steps you need to take next. I will also inform all other parents that their child is not in the affected bubble and can continue to safely attend school.


I have uploaded Northern's latest risk assessment below. I have also placed a copy of Northern's quick reference guide for parents which provides step by step guidance of what to do in different coronavirus situations.


Take care and stay safe.


Mrs Marr

Quick reference guide for parents re. coronavirus Frequently Asked Questions About Asymptomatic Testing Of Staff In Primary Schools