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Keeping fit

This is a great opportunity for you to get fit while you are doing your remote learning at home. All you need is a pen and paper, music and an adult to take pictures of you. When you have done this please send any pictures or videos to me and I will put them on this page. Take care and hope to see you all soon. Miss Nuttall

Let’s see if KS2 can push themselves to complete these two activities. Don’t forget to drink plenty of fluids and send me your picture. Miss Nuttall.


Check out this bodyweight workout you can do WITH YOUR KIDS for the perfect mix of cardio and strength. Join your KIDS for this TOTAL BODY CIRCUIT.

Family Workout At Home / Toy Surprise KIDS Workout! Ages 2 - 8

Family Workout At Home. While we are all self-isolating I thought you would like this fun workout video you can do with everyone in your house.