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Bit of a fun one today Year 4, we're going to be making some crazy patterns using Day 7 - 2logo and the rpt command!


The rpt command tells logo to repeat whatever is after in [square brackets] as many times as you want. If I typed;

rpt 4 [fd 3 rt 90]

2logo would tell the pen to go forward 3 and right turn 90 degrees, 4 times - and make a nice little square:


But we can make much more interesting things than, just by experimenting! We'll stick with the rpt command.

rpt 40 [fd 3 rt 40 bk 2 lt 20]

So I've told it to go forwards 3, right turn 40, move back 2, then left turn 20 degrees - 40 times!

Spiky! See what you can do with the rpt command, moving forwards, backwards and turning! Tip: don't move too far forwards or back or your pen will go off the page.