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Log on to our good friend PurpleMash and you'll find in your 2dos Day 2 - 2 Logo.

This is the same program we looked at last week, where you type commands and the pen (also called a turtle) follows the instructions. For this one, you're going to have to use your maths knowledge on angles too, because I want you to see if you can use the commands on 2 logo to write your initials!


I want to write a D for my last initial, so I'll have to tell the pen to rotate a bit first - I tell it

rt 45

So that it moves 45 degrees - half of a right angle to the right. Then I tell it 

fd 4 

So it moves forward 4 squares.


Then I tell it to lt 90 so it turns a right angle the other way and fd 4 so it will go forwards.

If I tell it to go lt 90 again, it doesn't turn enough - so I tell it lt 45 after that to get it pointing straight down. Then it's fd 5 to complete my wonderful looking D. 


Don't forget the pu (pen up) command to move the pen without it drawing!