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The Ancient Egyptians were known for many things - their pyramids, temples, gods and myths, farming, inventions, hieroglyphics, mummies, obelisks and tombs, chariots and conquests...


But, they were no the only game in town. The rest of the world was not empty and there were other advance civilisations around. What is a civilisation? It comes from the Latin word civis, meaning someone who lives in a town. It's where people began to band together in larger towns and united their efforts to accomplish more than they could on their own - the Egyptians are just one example of this. 


As well as Egypt, we're also going to look at Sumer, the Indus Valley, and Shang Dynasty. I've got a table for you to fill in with facts about each of these civilisations. I've already done some for you just to be nice (and show you what I need). This'll also test your research skills - you don't need to look up the whole question, just the key search terms.

For the first one, I might search 'Indus Valley timeline'. For the second, 'Indus Valley location'.


Also just to help you out here's some resources that'll help you out;

Indus Valley:

Shang Dynasty:




Have fun! The factsheet is attached down below - email me the finished one, or if you like you can copy it down and email it.