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Healthy Snacks are Go!

In the Autumn Term the School Council decided to look at how we can become a healthier school.  Playtime snacks were identified as a key and easy way of improving our attitude towards becoming more healthy.  The council went to their classes and discussed whether they felt it was a good idea to promote healthy snacks at play times.  The majority of the school thought that this was a good idea and each class helped the school council to come up with a list of snacks that were considered to be healthy and unhealthy.  The School Council put all of the ideas together and came up with a final list.  This they fed back to their classes.  A letter was also sent to parents and carers from the School Council explaining that the children of the school would like to encourage each other to make healthy snack choices and asking if parents could help and support this (see below).  The list of healthy and unhealthy foods was included in the letter.  A poster competition has also been running, where winning entries will be displayed around school to promote and remind our children to make healthy snack choices.

Here are some of the winning posters.