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Something a little different for our guided reading today - you should have read though the Death of a Seamstress chapter of The Ickabog. Imagine you are a news reporter...actually, you don't need to imagine, through the wonders of technology! Log onto PurpleMash and you'll find Day 45 - Newsreader Boy or Girl, pick one that fits you and something like this will pop up;

In the speech box on the right you can type the breaking news from Chouxville, but here's the fun part. See that grey space? You can use a webcam to put your face there so you look like the newsreader, or if your computer doesn't have one use a picture from your computer (the option is up at the top - it should read 'open' when you hover over it). 


If in the, I'm sure tiny, vanishingly remote, possibility that we have a technical failure of any description, don't panic  - you can always draw yourself as a newsreader and write what the news bulletin will be.