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Something a little different for today's guided reading. Do you remember when we were doing dilemmas in a story? A dilemma is a problem in the story that the main character has to deal with and make a choice about. In the Mousehole Cat, for example, the dilemma is the Great Storm Cat stops the fishermen feeding the village. Old Tom solves the dilemma by sailing out into the storm with Mowser.


What is the main dilemma that the character faces in your story? We're going to make a spider diagram to explore what your main character might have done differently - and what would have happened if they did. For main topic, write the dilemma itself. For subtopic - other things your main character might have done to solve it, so in the Mousehole Cat, Old Tom could have visited another village to ask for help. For subidea, what might have happened if they'd have done this - so the nearby village could have saved Mousehole, or they might even have been too late because of the storm! Have a think about the possibilities.