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To finish off our geography this half term we're going to be looking at something that always goes down a storm when we do it in class; a BBC live lesson - this one is all about how rivers are connected to the oceans and what that means for the planet. You might not think it, but what we drop on the street can get washed into a storm drain, into a river, the river carries it to the ocean and then it can end up halfway around the world! There are no fences in the ocean, after all. Not to mention, any other pollution people put in rivers will end up in the ocean. Take a look at the BBC's Blue Planet Live Lesson to find out how humans are affecting the planet, and get have these activities ready to complete alongside the live lesson!



If you've done these activities and still want to show off your environment knowledge about the oceans and how humans are affecting marine life, check PurpleMash for Day 31 - Water Pollution.