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Rivers - as Pocahontas sang, you can't step in the same river twice, it's always moving, and as the water moves down the river it changes. There are a few key features of rivers, ways they change and ways the land around rivers change as they turn from tiny streams up in mountains until it reaches the sea (or a lake).  


We'll use the longest river in Britain as our first case study - the River Severn. There are a few key words we're looking out for, and luckily for you I've timestamped them all.

source - 0:47
valley - 1:40
rapids - 2:34
waterfall - 2:40
gorge - 3:05
meander - 3:30
oxbow - 4:08
floodplain - 4:48
estuary - 6:44

The River Severn From Source to Mouth

Downstream changes along the River Severn

On PurpleMash, you need to find Day 12 - Features of a River.

Then, match the pictures of the features to the feature name and a quick description of it (PurpleMash will help with the bar at the side - hover over the word if you get stuck!). You need to click the green + button to get the picture of the feature.

Good luck!