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It's almost time to say ciao to our beloved Toscana, but before we bid this beautiful part of the world a fond farewell we'll take a look at its human and physical features - features are what make the region different and distinct from one another.

What's the difference? Put simply, a physical feature is something that would be there without people needing to do anything. These are natural processes of the Earth; things like mountains, glaciers, rivers - there are many more examples.

Human features show the impact that people have on the environment - things that would have needed a human to be there; things like roads and farms.

Here are a few photos of Tuscany - can you spot how many physical and human features are in each? What are the origins of each feature - this is proof of what type of feature it is!

On your 2dos you'll have Day 8 - Geography, for you to sort all the features you spot. Good luck!


The beach at Grosetto.


Lago di Vagli - a lake behind a dam near Lucca.


Hot springs at Saturnia.


The Ponte Vecchio and River Arno flowing through Florence.


A ski slope on the sides of Mount Amiata, an extinct volcano.


A canal and streets in Lucca.

The marble quarry at Carrera.


Vinyards of the Val d'Orcia.