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Friday 24th April

Good afternoon Reception Class.  I hope you have all had a great day.

It has been lovely to see all the hard work you have been completing this week.  Please keep sending me updates to .

Pippa completed a great 'Race to the Zoo' game today.

This week Jac received a gold certificate in Reading Eggs, Thomas and Oliver received silver certificates in Mathseeds and Thomas received a gold certificate in Mathseeds.  Well done all of you. 

This week’s virtual Shooting Star goes to Jac F.  Well done for all your hard work this week Jac!

If you haven’t already emailed me, please drop me an email to see how you all are during remote learning.  Have a lovely weekend and keep safe.

Good morning Reception Class!  You have completed another week of home learning and I am so impressed with the work you have completed.  Olivia has made a great ticket for a zoo and has also been looking after her cat Poppy.  Well done Olivia!

Today's challenges are:

Design and make your very own board game! Think about its name, the object of the game, number of players, rules, the design of your game – shape, size, colour.  You can then write your own instructions (a grown up can help, take it in turns to write).  Then play the game with your family at home.  You can use familiar games to help you, instead of snakes and ladders you could have dinosaurs and volcanoes.  Think about something that you love and turn it into a game!

Maths - 

I have set challenges on Mathseeds for you and I would also like you to continue exploring coins - 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p.


Literacy - Explore this great website    There are some fabulous books on here and lots of our favourites from class too!


Topic - Look at shaded areas in your garden or yard, why do you think they change throughout the day?  Talk to a grown up about it.  This might help you too! 


I hope you have lots of fun today Reception Class and I can't wait to hear how you have got on via email.


Take care, Mrs Ewens.