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Friday 12th June

Good afternoon Reception Class.  I can't believe that it is Friday again already!  You have worked so hard this week and I am so very proud of you.  This weeks Shooting Star goes to Ruby.  She has completed some fantastic home learning and has put lots of effort in. It was a difficult choice as so many of you have done the same but keep checking our page and next week it could be you!

Check out your friends learning!

Olivia's lovely quiche
Great work Olivia!
Seth practising his red words, well done!
Fabulous number work Thomas!
Fabulous number work Thomas!
Great work Olivia!
It looks just like you!
fabulous maths work Ruby
Great work Pippa!
Great work Pippa!
Fabulous Ruby!
Fabulous Ruby!
Great work Ruby
Hopefully soon Pippa

Good morning Reception Class. What another busy week it has been!  I hope you are all well.  Remember to check in later to find out who our Shooting Star is this week.  I hope that you have all been practising the Song of the Week to sing out at 3pm!

This is the last day of our owl topic and I have been very impressed by how much you have learnt.

Please take part in the daily phonics session on the Ruth Miskin Youtube channel.



Discuss what you have learnt about owls.  Tell people in your house a new fact(s) you have learnt! Have any of your questions been answered?  If you can, write a/some sentences about what you have learnt.  Say your sentence out loud before you write and use your phonics to help you with your spelling. You could draw a picture of an owl and label it, including some of the information you have learnt, e.g. big eyes, a head that turns all the way round! 



With the help of an adult, make a barn owl flyer: • 



Today I would like you to practise writing numbers up to 20.  Remember to write these numbers facing the correct way.  You could write these in a tray with flour in or shaving foam.  Or you could write them with chalk outside. Try and be as creative as possible.  Once you have done this, have a go at writing the numbers going up in 2s.  Have fun Reception and remember to send me some pictures!