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Final Meeting of the Year!

On Wednesday 18th July we met for the very last time this year!  I can't believe how fast this year has gone.  As it was the final meeting, I asked both the current and new council members to attend the meeting to give them chance to talk together, the current members sharing their experiences and advice with the new members.  The new members seemed to be very excited about their new role and I think they will fill the shoes of their peers beautifully in September.


During the rest of the meeting we discussed the following things;


mail Playground Peace Police - children in Year 3 and Year 5 (as of Sept 2018) need to be interviewed to replace the PPP children who will have moved on to other year groups.  The roles were advertised earlier in the term but as we are still awaiting replies from some children so we decided to organise this early on in the Autumn Term.  


mailShoeshare - I asked the children to keep reminding their classes to bring shoes in throughout this week to donate towards our Shoeshare campaign which we are carrying out in support of Unicef's work with children in other countries.  This will go towards our mission to earn silver status as a Right's Respecting School.  I told children that anyone in their classes who bring in a shoe donation may have 3 team points and that there will be a prize on Friday for the class that donates the most pairs!  School Council will be helping me on Friday morning to collect and count up all of the donations that we have received so that I can deliver them all to Clarks and award the prize!


mailLearn and be Happy - I asked the children for their ideas in preparation for next term relating to what they feel they need from the school and each other in order to help everyone to be positive and successful learners.  The children shared and gave many ideas relating to behaviour, team points, consequences and rewards and I will feedback these ideas to Mrs Marr and all staff during out INSET days next week where we will strive to create a consistent, fair and positive set of ideas ready for September.


The children have had a very productive year as council members and I am extremely proud of how well they have represented their peers.  I wish the very best of luck to our Year 6 members as they leave us and head towards the next part of their journey and look forward to working with our new team in September.


Have a safe and happy summer everyone!


Mrs Egan