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Carrying on our healthy eating theme for today, we're going to look at the Eatwell Plate. It shows the different types of food our bodies needs to stay healthy:

What is The Eatwell Guide

This is the Eatwell Guide - it shows roughly what proportion your food groups should be eaten in. So you can see you need quite a lot of fruit and veg, quite a lot of carbohydrates, a fair amount of protein and a little bit of dairy.

Click on this link for an interactive guide to the Eatwell plate:


Here's your task. Can you design a breakfast, lunch and dinner that matches the needs of the eatwell plate? For example, I might say - 

Breakfast: Bagel for carbohydrates, soft cheese spread on the bagel for dairy and alternative, a banana for the 5 a day fruit and vegetable.


I still need to include some protein, but I could do that for lunch and/or dinner - the eatwell plate shows what should be eaten over the whole day, not each and every meal!