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We've come to a crucial question, after designing our smoothie ingredients and bottles. Who is your design for?


Is is for children who want a really yummy tasting snack? Is it for parents who struggle to get their children to eat enough fruit and veg? Is it for sporty people who want energy? Is it for people who are busy and don't have time to munch fruit? Is it for older people who want to stay healthy?


Have a look at these short adverts for different smoothies. Can you tell who they are aimed at by what they advert is like and what information they are giving you about the smoothie?

innocent smoothies TV advert - superhero smoothie

We've made a new advert for the telly, featuring a superhero smoothie bottle, who flies around saving people from those perilously peckish moments between me...

our new innocent smoothies for kids telly ad

Here's a new telly ad for our kids smoothies that's on the box at the minute.

TV Advert - NU Smoothie

NU Smoothie

Juice Bar Paradise Healthy Smoothie Commercial Video

Juice Bar Paradise is all about promoting a healthier lifestyle in our communities. In our channel you will find tips and tricks on how to drink and eat heal...

Did you see how the adverts told and showed you different things based on who they were aimed at?


Here's your challenge. Can you write a short script (don't forget, the actions in playscripts go in brackets!) for an advert for YOUR smoothie, or even film it? How would you design your advert to appeal to people - what about your smoothie would you want people to know? Why should they spend money on your design, what makes it good and worth buying? Can't wait to see what you come up with!