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Last week in DT we has a think about the ingredients we'd want to put in our smoothie. We've already thought about packaging by looking at designs that already exist. Today we're thinking about the bottle (or carton) that you'd want to put your smoothie in so people will buy it. There are a couple of things to consider...


- Which colours will you use? We want it to be eye-catching, but too many colours can look messy and hideous.

- What shape will you choose? See below for nets, which you can cut out to make 3D shapes.

- Pictures. You could use pictures of your ingredients, or even patterns.

- A good company name and slogan! You could make it rhyme, or make it alliterative.

- Some blurb about your smoothie!

- What you have to have on by law - a list of ingredients.


Lots to think about - good luck!