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Last week we had the delicious job of evaluating smoothies that had already been designed and made. Today's lesson is a two-parter; we're going to design our own smoothie. But - before we think about designing the packaging, we need to actually think about what different types of ingredients would go in our smoothie. Let's have a look at an actual smoothie being made and the choice of ingredients to go in it;


Amelia Freer - Making a pear and almond smoothie ahead of the BBC Good Food Eat Well Show

So, if you've listened you'll have found out there's a reason for picking the different ingredients, you can't just chuck anything in there and hope for the best!


So the first thing used is pears, because they're in season - that means lots of them have been grown, it's easy to get hold of them, so the smoothie won't cost a lot. They also combine well with the other ingredients.

She uses spinach for the milder flavour, and cucumber for adding a bit of hydration and texture (that's how it feels in the mouth - too runny or too thick is no good).

For flavour she adds vanilla for sweetness and maca powder for the immune system, energy levels and flavour. Finally she adds cinnamon for the flavour and boosting blood sugar levels and gives us a neat little formula we can steal for our own ideas-








These are the things we need to think about when we make our own smoothie. I'd also personally add texture and how healthy it is, as well as cost.


So, we're going to think about what you would want to put in a smoothie, and why!


I might say for the base, the liquid that will make sure the smoothie isn't too thick, I'd use coconut milk for the flavour and because it has fibre which is good for your digestion. I might think about adding a fruit, but it'd have to go well with coconut, so I might stay with a tropical theme and add pineapple for the sweet taste, how it combines with coconut and having vitamins A and C which our bodies need.


If you're really struggling, have a look at some other existing designs and think why they picked the ingredients they did;