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Cross Curricular Maths Day

Today in Year 6, we have taken part in fun activities that centered around Position and Direction. In Literacy, we used positional language to direct blind folded children around the class. After that, we then went onto Geography and used the 8 compass points to create mazes that we then had to direct our partners around. The use of our language affected the success of our mazes! After break, we then went outside with the rest of Key Stage 2 to see which class could make the longest penny path with the generous donations that children had brought in. Unfortunately we were not victorious on this occasion!  We then moved onto co-ordinates in Maths and played Battleships on a four quadrant grid which strengthened the children's understanding of co-ordinates on a more complex grid! The children have really enjoyed today which is always fantastic to see. Here's to our next one in Autumn 2! Well done Year 6!