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We're going to have some fun today with our art - as you know, we've been doing a lot of art based on water. What lives in water that we could use to inspire some art? I bet you've already thought of a creature - different types of fish, turtles, octopus, jellyfish, whales, crabs...


So what we're going to have a go at is using recyclable materials that you've got around your house to make an artistic model of a sea creature (or more than one, if you're feeling creative!). As always with art, do not panic if you can't get it looking exactly like the sea creature - this is art, not science, I'm not after a perfect scale replica of sea creature anatomy!


Have a look at the examples below to fire up your imagination as to what you can use - old bottles, paper plates, egg cartons, paper cups, bags, bottle tops, toilet tissue tubes, anything that you could recycle for your art! I can't wait to see what you come up with.