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Today in art we're going to look at just a couple of techniques to help us in our drawing of moving water. Showing that something is moving when you're drawing a still image sounds tricky, but here are a few hints to help you draw water on the move;

Drawing basic water ripples and adding more movement;


Drawing calmer water:


Drawing where the water meets the land, like at a river bank:


Adding reflection in water - relections are clearest in moving water at the point where they meet and become less clearer the further on they go;


Using reflection to show the water is moving fast:


Have a go at a few of these techniques to sketch a part of a river. Remember, we're not after perfection and practice makes perfect. Below is a video of a river that you could try and draw and see which one of the above skills you could add in to show the moving water, or you could pick another picture or video of a river to draw. Good luck!

Relaxing River Sounds - Peaceful Forest River - 3 Hours Long - HD 1080p - Nature Video