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A fun one for our art today - we'll be looking at creating our own collages. What is a collage, though? Watch an artist explaining how she's made a collage landscape;


It's all about using smaller pieces to show a bigger picture. See if you can use any old catalogues, junk mail, wrappers and packets! We're going to have one last look at Italy and an interesting and colourful choice of picture for our collage - Esplosione del Carro.

This means 'explosion of the cart' and is an Easter tradition in Florence (although not this year, sadly). The story goes that a man from Florence went to the Holy Land and brought back 3 stones from the hill where Jesus was put on the cross. These stones are used to light a candle, which is used to light a firework representing the Holy Spirit, which flies out of the Duomo on a wire and blows up a cart full of fireworks!

Fun stuff - lots of colours and excitement for a collage.



Lastly - do not worry if your collage does not look exactly like one of the pictures. If we wanted that, all art would have died when the camera was invented. A great artist called Picasso once said, "We all know that art is not truth. Art is a lie that makes us realise truth."


Good luck with your collages - can't wait to see your pictures!